Maximizing Returns with Sungrow’s Linha CX-P2 for Fotovoltaicos Solares

A key consideration for fotovoltaicos solares is optimising returns. The Linha CX-P2 from Sungrow is made especially to maximise the revenue production from your solar power system. These inverters maximise the energy harvested from your fotovoltaic solar panels by ensuring effective power conversion with an operating current of 30A per MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Additionally, the PV +500Wp modules are compatible with the Linha CX-P2, allowing you to utilise higher wattage panels for greater energy generation. Additionally, your fotovoltaicos solares may produce their maximum power output even in partially shaded conditions thanks to the optimisation function for shaded strings, which is driven by Sungrow’s exclusive MPPT algorithm.

Safety and Strength

Sungrow’s Linha CX-P2 prioritizes the safety and strength of your fotovoltaicos solares. The inverters feature an IP66 protection grade, safeguarding your system against dust, water, and other external elements. With an anti-corrosion grade C5, these inverters deliver long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments. The integrated Type I+II DC and Type II AC DPS provide comprehensive protection against surges and voltage fluctuations, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your fotovoltaicos solares system.

Intelligent O&M

Sungrow’s Linha CX-P2 incorporates intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M) features to optimize the efficiency of your fotovoltaicos solares. Before commissioning, the inverters conduct a component diagnosis, ensuring optimal performance and reliability from the start. The intelligent curve scanning IV continuously monitors and fine-tunes the power generation, maximizing the energy harvested from your fotovoltaicos solares. The inverters also offer streamlined operations and maintenance through network fault logging and remote configuration capabilities. This allows for quick identification and resolution of issues, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimizing downtime.


In conclusion, Sungrow’s Linha CX-P2 is the key to unlocking the high income potential of your fotovoltaicos solares. With features such as high operating currents, compatibility with high-wattage modules, and optimization for shaded strings, Sungrow empowers you to maximize the energy generation and returns from your solar energy system. Furthermore, the Linha CX-P2 prioritizes safety and strength with its IP66 protection grade, anti-corrosion capabilities, and comprehensive protection features. Combined with intelligent operations and maintenance functionalities, Sungrow’s Linha CX-P2 ensures optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency for your fotovoltaicos solares. Trust Sungrow to maximize the potential of your solar investment and contribute to a sustainable future.



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